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Frogstomper Auto And Salvage


Love the smell of burnt rubber in the morning



We love racing!

We race ourselves and we also sponsor other racers by providing parts and services.

We currently enjoy two types of racing:

Drag Racing

We drag at Western Speedway in Victoria (Langford), B.C. in the (street) class. For 2003, our 1982 Pontiac Firebird placed (4th) in the (street) class. For 2004, with the addition of our new Supercharger, we will be racing in the (street) class.In 2006 we started racing with an 85 mustang 5 ltre.Took 1st place in the street class in the first race of the season.

We also drag at Mission, B.C., outside Vancouver.

Mud Drags

We are an active member of Morningside 4x4 Club, the promoters of the annual Luxton Mud Drags, Victoria (Langford), B.C. We placed (4th) in the (weekend worriers) class, and 2nd in the (4 cyl) class, in 2003. We also built a mud truck in two weeks using a 1980 Chev  chassis and the body of a 1984 Mazda GLX, that placed (5th) in the (weekend worrier) class.

Photo Gallery
For photos of our past 2003 racing season, click here.

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